Is this Really the Key to Getting that Sexy, Curved and Toned Body you’ve always Dreamed of?  Or just More of the “Same Old Same Old,” Wrapped Up in Fancy New Packaging?  We Lift the Lid on Flavia Del Monte’s Much Hyped New Fitness Plan Curvalicious Body Sculpting System Workout

Ladies certainly have it tough when it comes to trying to get, if not the perfect body, then one that they are at least happy with.  For some crazy reason, women’s body image is far more hyped about than that of men.  You only have to open the page of any newspaper, magazine or even kid’s comics to realize the incredible pressures the 21st century woman is under to look incredible.

Curvalicious workout review Curvalicious Body Sculpting System Review of Flavia Del Montes Workout

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So why on earth are there hundreds, if not thousands, of fitness and workout programs aimed at men (who are, apart from a small minority, more obsessed with sport, cars, money and women than getting that perfect body), than there are for women?  Enter Flavia Del Monte –with a body to die for and promising that her latest program is exactly what the ladies need to get that toned, curvy, sex kitten look.  So, is it true, or are Flavia and her marketing team simply preying on female insecurities?  Read on to find the honest truth on Curvalicious, and if it really does live up to its crazy promises.

What do you get for your money?

Well, Curvalicious is all about dispelling some of the female specific training myths that continue to be bandied around virtually every gym in the country, not to mention spouted by the large majority of personal trainers who don’t know any better.

It’s also about the Japanese principle of “Kaizen,” which means constant and never ending improvement.  By only moving onto the next step once your body can easily cope with the previous one, means that your body shape, muscle definition and those oh-so-sexy curves are constantly improving.

Curvalicious is a complete, 12 week training program that consists of the following:

  • Component #1 – The Workout Manual.  This is the “blueprint” of the complete program.  Able to be manipulated for beginner, intermediate and advanced users, you’ll be literally walked through every single exercise, weight, repetition and rest period for maximum effect.
  • Component #2 – The Nutrition Manual.  Because exercise and diet go hand in hand.  It’s no good doing the best workout regime known to man (or woman) if you don’t provide your body with the right fuel to do so.  Not only will you learn what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, but there’s no calorie counting (thank god) and you’ll discover exactly the types of food that control your hormones, fat gain and energy levels.
  • Component #3 – The Online Workout Videos GYM VERSION.  These are five separate videos, each targeting a separate area of the body; Luscious Legs, Tummy Tightener, Amazing Arms, Better Back & Strong Shoulders and Bombshell Booty!
  • Component #4 – Printable Workout Sheets and Exercise Pictures with Descriptions.  Exactly as the title suggests…
  • Component #5 – The Online Workout Videos HOME GYM VERSION.  For those who prefer to workout in the comfort of their own home.
  • Component #6 – The Fab 5 Supplement Guide, Version 2.0.  Although you don’t have to use the supplements suggested in this guide, they will help for faster, more dramatic body changing results if you do so.
  • Component #7 – The Pre-Program Checklist.  Because preparation really is the key to successfully sticking to an exercise regime.

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Who is it for?

Well, we’re pretty sure that a program entitled “Curvalicious” is laser focused towards women.  But, one thing that we think isn’t made completely clear in the advertising is the age range that this is suitable for.  There are many women who, as they get older, would automatically consider a workout program such as this to be only suitable for younger women.  Not so – and because of the flexibility the program offers, it really is a program that can be utilized by all ages.  Not only the twenty and thirty somethings, but for those in their forties, fifties and older if you so choose to.

And although it might not be suited to those who’ve shunned all exercise and enjoyed the cuisine of McDonalds and Burger King for the majority of their lives, as long as you have a reasonable level of fitness then there’s no reason whatsoever that you won’t be able to follow the Curvalicious workouts right away.

Who is Flavia Del Monte?

Nurse, nutritionist, certified trainer, married to sexy muscle-guy guru, Vince Del Monte, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this vision of perfection has always been blessedflavia del monte Curvalicious Body Sculpting System Review of Flavia Del Montes Workout with her amazing body and obvious penchant for knowing exactly how to exercise and exactly what to eat.  But actually, back in her twenties, Flavia began to gain a few pounds, even though she was careful not to eat too much or the wrong foods.

Determined not only to ditch the flab, but to understand why it had happened in the first place, Flavia began the journey of knowledge and exercise that makes her the vision of perfection that she is today.  It’s taken over a decade, and it’s refreshing that she admits that her body is the result of hard work, a few sacrifices, the correct diet and – she’s always quick to say – the occasional indulgence.  In other words, she’s a normal woman who, through the right combination of nutrition and exercise, is a walking example of what is honestly possible for all of us.

The Pros

  • At last, a workout program that incorporates everything that a woman needs to honestly ditch the flab and gain the sexy curves that are so desirable to both sexes.  Dispelling the myths behind female training once and for all, Curvalicious is easy to understand and fun to follow.
  • There are no daft diet rules to follow.  Nothing like “the eat only protein Atkins” or the “starve yourself for a fortnight” craziness that most fad diets or workouts try to brainwash you into believing.
  • It’s easy to follow the program whether you like to workout at home, at the gym or a combination of the two.
  • Not only does Curvalicious provide you with the exercises you need to do in great detail, but this is combined with an easy to follow nutrition plan that also allows you to eat like a “real” person (not a stick-thin supermodel or size zero celebrity)

The Cons

  • Don’t think that this is a miracle cure.  You don’t get a great body simply by paying lip service to your workout plan or nutrition.  Curvalicious is, without any shadow of a doubt, hard!  But if you’ve got what it takes, it offers you exactly what you need to get those results.
  • If you’re a diet coke, burger eating, candy munching fiend, then you’re going to have to learn to control your urges.  Sure, you can have the odd (small) lapse, but in general you are going to have to make some big diet changes if you want to succeed.

The Bottom Line

Okay, ladies.  The bottom line on Curvalicious is just this.  If you have the will, the tenacity and the determination, this is honestly a workout program that will provide you with the results you crave.  What’s so refreshing is that Flavia is quite upfront about how difficult it is to reach your target, but that if you want it enough, you honestly can do it.

Much as we’d all love it to be true, that body that we all long to proudly display on the beach is not something that is easy to achieve.  But it is possible – and the advice and exercise provided in Curvalicious will certainly have you losing weight, defining muscle and getting those sexy curves in all the right places – if, and that’s a big if, you have the determination to follow the plan.  You are the only one who knows deep down if you’ve got what it takes to stick to it – and if you have, then Curvalicious really could work out to be the best investment into personal body improvement that you ever make.

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If you are looking for a Flavia Del Monte Curvalicious Body Sculpting System Video review here you go.  I got early access and made this video.  You can go here if you want to read my review

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Flavia Del Monte is very successful in the fitness and health world. She decided to become a fitness Goddess, although staying close to her clientele base by regularly blogging with her female and male compatriots. Her looks, stunning by the way, made her very popular on the YouTube in the first days and it was one of the major factors to push her up the hill in the fitness world.

How it all began for Flavia?

Flavia Del Monte was a kid that loved sports and was practiced every day. Her body was slim and she was enjoying her youth with great looks. She decided to go to college toflavia del monte Who is Flavia Del Monte of Curvalicious Workout? become a certified nurse but stopped being involved in sports because of lack of time. She began spending more time living an unhealthy lifestyle, which is not so bad if you make time to exercise your body as well. Flavia’s continuance of living this unhealthy lifestyle caused her to gain almost 20 pounds, mostly going to her mid-section. She soon realized that she had to change her diet before she became overweight. She decided to get a gym-membership and hire a personal trainer. Flavia got great results, liberating her body from the fat while also discovering muscles in her body that she never knew about before. She was pleased with the outcome but she made the common mistake of not continuously going to the gym. This caused her a great deal of trouble.

How it all changed?

From diet to diet and from gym to gym she was still unhappy with overall results because the fat was coming back fast and there were always few extra pounds to cover the perfect abs. She decided to study nutrition and soon after that she met her husband to be-Vince Del Monte. This changed everything because Vince was already in the world of professional fitness. His knowledge of fitness and nutrition helped her made some serious results and soon she had a perfect body, which they decided to show on the YouTube and social media sites. It was a hit! After she was flooded with the 1000′s of fan mails she decided to share her fitness and nutrition story to the rest of the World. Full-Body-Licious is a name of 5 days per week fitness program by Flavia Del Monte which will set you apart from the rest of the woman on the beach. And the best thing is you can do it home, in the park or where ever you want. If you want to learn more about Flavia Del Monte’s workout program check out my Full Body Licious Review today and make sure to come back to see my Curvalicious workout review when its available!


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